The release of Dusk Network's 1st Biannual Report 2021

Six months of technical & business development progress gathered in one resource

The first Biannual report for 2021, spanning October 2020 to April 2021, is now live! This document provides a comprehensive overview of our recent progress as we build the privacy blockchain of the future.

Expect an extensive look at our technological & business developments, current financials, insights into the massive potential of Regulated Decentralized Finance and Privacy DeFi, an overview of our community initiatives, such as staking and the upcoming Dusk Grants Program, and some of our most promising partnerships, all collected in one place.

At Dusk Network we believe in privacy and transparency and with the release of our biannual report we practice what we preach. The report shows what we have been working on, our highlights and announcements and sheds light on the bigger Dusk vision, written in such a way that all stakeholders understand what has been worked on and what Dusk Network stands for. - said Jelle Pol, Business Director.

You can acces the Dusk Network Biannual Report 2021 here.

About Dusk Network

Dusk Network is an open source blockchain for financial applications. Data protection and privacy-preservation play a major role in Dusk Network, as well as its design for regulatory compliance. The blockchain is eco-friendly, thanks to its instant settlement finality, and smart contract functionality, it is finally possible to service regulatory-compliant financial applications on blockchain technology.

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